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Both films and books show the seduction of ladies as an extended and complex process. I have to admit that there is something. Men don’t seem to be for seduction. A typical guy wins – heroic deeds want to point out their commitment, or simply – smash rivals in battles that prove their chivalry and bravado that no lady will resist. What if you like the company of more than one woman? What if you can’t find ladies who need to have fun together? Or maybe shamed of your fantasies and haven’t any seduction problem? If thus, confirm you know our girls – you’ll meet one or 2 at a time. There are no limits, they’ll be happy to play at good side. Unfortunately, medieval methods of nurturing women are no longer true. Brutal show of power usually ends with the interests of the police, not the interest. As a result, the raised knight spends the night in jail, not within the arms of the beloved. Therefore, the technique of getting ladies has become more refined. Today the lady is seduced and lost.

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